United States immigration law determines who may enter this country, how long they may stay and when they must leave. It determines whether a person is an alien, his or her associated legal rights, duties and obligations while in the country. It also provides mean by which certain aliens can become naturalized citizens with full rights of citizenship.

Family Based Immigration

A U.S. citizen may sponsor the following family members for the green card: parents, spouse, fiance/fiancee, children and siblings. A permanent resident may sponsor a spouse and minor unmarried children.

Employment Based Immigration

Most employment based immigration requires an individual applicant to be sponsored by a U.S. employer who will actually employ the immigrant after permanent residence (green card) is issued. As long as the U.S. employer has a valid employment need and there are no U.S. workers available, an individual may be considered for the green card through an employment-based petition.

Because visa wait times may vary significantly, it is important to know what is necessary for immigration petitions and how to prepare a complete application. Please contact us to discuss your immigration & naturalization needs and to determine your options.