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Estate Planning for Undocumented Families

Traditional estate planning documents can be adapted to benefit the families of undocumented parents who face the threat of deportation.


The typical undocumented family consists of hard working loving individuals who have made their lives in the U.S., have married or otherwise coupled, and have children who were born here in the U.S.


If one, or both parents, is detained and placed in deportation proceedings, their number one concern would be the welfare of their children. Their second concern would very likely be the fate of their house or other property they own here in the country.


During this time of crisis, their number one focus should be on their deportation proceedings. The safety and well being of their children and their property does not need to be yet another worry distracting them at this moment.

Selecting the right fiduciaries and knowing when should these documents spring into action is essential to the success of a good estate plan in the event of deportation or merely detention. Please contact us to assist you in setting up your estate plan/contigency plan.

Estate planning solutions

A well planned set of documents securing the well being of their children could and should be prepared well in advance.


A combination of the following documents could address these concerns:

  • Guardianship for minor children;

  • Power of Attorney for Property;

  • Power of Attorney for Financial Matters;

  • Revocable Trust;


Once these estate planning documents have been set up, the parents will have the peace of mind they need so they can concentrate their energies on their proceedings.

Estate Planning for undocumented families in video

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