As difficult as it can be to contemplate what will happen to your possessions   someday, we specialize in a personal approach to help you make decisions to   protect your assets and your loved ones. 
 Estate Planning directs a larger portion of your assets, upon your death, to   the people you would like to see have them, and may also reduce the tax burden   that your estate and/or your beneficiaries may face.

 Whether you are single person or a couple (traditional or non-traditional) an   estate plan is comprised of one or more documents that provide you with control   over the decisions about your loved ones and financial affairs in the event of your   death or incapacity. Such documents include :

An Estate Planning Project

  • Will (Testamentary Will)

  • Trusts (Revocable and Specialized Trusts)

  • Release for Confidential Medical Information

  • Living Will and DNR Orders

  • Power of Attorney for Property/Finance

  • Power of Attorney for Health Care


 Our approach to an estate planning project begins with an initial visit, where you   share your goals, expectations and concerns with us and we explain the estate   process, the hurdles and advantages in your particular situation.

 Based on the information you share with us, we provide you with a summary of   the visit to ensure we understood you, and we present you with    recommendations on how to achieve your goals at different price point options.   Once you select an option, we begin working on your project at your desired pace.


A good Estate Plan has three main goals:

1. To pass your property to the people you choose.

2. To reduce or eliminate expenses, taxes, court interference and wasted time during the transfer of the property.

3. Eliminate the ability for others to interfere in your decisions.

Links for your information


American Bar Association Estate Planning FAQs

Gateway resource providing users with information on estate planning, drafting wills, choosing trusts, types of nonprobate property, powers of attorney and more.

American Bar Association Family Legal Guide to Estate Planning

An introduction to the topic of estate planning. The website provides answers to commonly asked questions regarding wills, trusts, living wills and other estate planning tools.

Partnership for Caring

This website provides helpful information on advanced care planning and advance directives. It includes a checklist of things to consider when making decisions about your end of life care.